A Memorial to Commemorate, Dedicate and Educate in Cobb County


All Who Perished

 The Holocaust Memorial & Garden is dedicated to all those people, Jewish and non Jewish, who lost their lives and their futures during this dark period in history. The intent of the Holocaust was genocide - the deliberate, systematic and calculated extermination of the entire Jewish people. The Nazis also targeted others, though not for complete annilhilation – Poles, Sinti-Roma, Jehovah’s Witnesses, homosexuals, people with mental and physical disabilities, Soviet prisoners, communists, socialists and trades unionists. By the end of this period of unprecedented evil, two-thirds of Europe’s Jewish population had been murdered, along with six million victims from these other groups. 

Regina & Irving Goldstein

The Holocaust Memorial & Garden is dedicated in loving memory of Regina and Irving Goldstein, of Blessed Memory, survivors of the atrocities of the Holocaust. Their faith, hope, resourcefulness and resilience allowed them to survive the ghettos and concentration camps, though their parents and siblings did not. During this time of despair, devastation and darkness, they reached upward, always looking for the light. After the war, they began to slowly rebuild their lives. Though their experiences were permanently etched in their memories, they reclaimed their dignity and overcame this great adversity to continue on with their lives. Their greatest joy and achievement was being able to create another generation of Jewish life. Their children and grandchildren are a testament to their faith, hope, resourcefulness and resilience. 


The Holocaust Memorial & Garden is dedicated to hope. The Holocaust was not inevitable. Rather, it was fueled by prejudice, stereotyping, hatred and racism. The silence of the bystanders allowed the Holocaust to occur. We remain hopeful that such atrocities will never happen again to any people of this world. We remain hopeful that the good in humankind will prevail and that we will never again bear witness to man’s inhumanity toward his fellow man. We remain hopeful there will be a time when we will all live in peace. We will never give up hope.